Melania Trump Reveals The Details Behind Her Controversial Decision To Stay In New York:

(ET, ) - As First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump has revealed that she won't be following her husband to The Whitehouse; instead she will continue to reside in New York City. The reason for this decision has been widely debated with many believing it was to keep her son in school. Although her decision will in fact mean this, the shock admission from Melania about her newest business has shocked many.

A fter fighting a personal battle for many years over the negative effects aging was having on her skin, Melania decided to take matters into her own hands by producing her own range of anti-aging creams. Rejuva Essence and Rejuva Essence Eye Revitalizer are now available worldwide and Melania feels it necessary to stay in New York and oversee the day-to- day business.

"I developed these creams as a desperate effort to restore both my skin and my confidence. I worked with a very talented and experienced team and together we have created something amazing, I can't wait for people the world over to use Rejuva Essence and change their lives for the better" Melania revealed whilst on The Today Show.

Melania admits her aging skin was causing her severe anxiety before she developed Rejuva Essence

Melania saw results almost instantly when using the final product and the production process was enhanced to allow for an almost immediate release. This unfortunately coincided with her husband’s successful bid for President of the United States, which would usually force her move to Washington. Melania has made the important decision to stay in New York and help as many women as possible fix their aging skin with her world first creams.

"Rejuva Essence is one of the most effective creams ever produced. Every person who has tried it has seen instant results that seemed almost impossible, myself included. These creams work more effectively than I could have ever imagined and I owe it to myself and the company to stay on and help them work miracles all around the world."

"Ivanka recently admitted she avoided surgery in order to maintain a younger look, using Melania's Formula"


"Melania has been such a positive influence in my life for so many years now, there isn't a thing we don't know about each other. It was hard watching her struggle with her appearance and not being able to help in any way. When she told me she was creating Rejuva Essence I couldn't wait to try the finished product. I watched it transform her face and it completely cleared up every inch of my skin too" - Ivanka Trump

"I have had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time with Melania over the past 12 months. I asked her personally what the reason was for her not moving to the Whitehouse, she told me about Rejuva Essence and the amount of work that had gone into creating it. I respect her decision and decided to try some for myself. These creams are life-changing, my skin looks better than ever" - Michelle Obama

"Melania and I had a habit of always running into each other at events, where we would find ourselves chatting for hours. Recently, I asked about how she managed to keep her skin looking so fresh and young, she told me about Rejuva Essence and how to get some for myself. I instantly purchased these creams and watched in awe as the years were wiped away" - Katie Couric

"I have a lot of respect for Melania and when I heard that Rejuva Essence was the reason she wouldn't be moving to The Whitehouse, I just knew how much these creams must mean to her. I decided to purchase some for myself and can safely say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. My skin is practically wrinkle-free and has me looking years younger" - Barbara Walters

"My skin has been an issue for many years now, one that completely destroyed my self-confidence. When speaking to Melania recently, she mentioned Rejuva Essence and gave me some samples to try. They completely erased all evidence of aging and have me looking better than I have in years. I no longer fear seeing my face in photos as there isn't a wrinkle in sight" - Helena Bonham Carter


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